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Don't Go To Work Unless It's Fun! State-Of-The-Heart Time Management

by Frank Sanitate

This book is temporarily out of print, but can be purchased on, and can be downloaded to Kindle, nook, or as a PDF file on your computer.

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Santa Barbara Press - 1994

Why is it we don't see any "Thank God It's Monday" bumper stickers?

There is no reason why you can't look forward to going to work every day. Overwork, time pressure and other stresses are choices, not necessities. Looking into your heart means having the courage to always make your work a source of satisfaction. In this book, based on his experience of developing and teaching Time Management and other personal development seminars since 1977, Frank Sanitate explores:

  • Why an attitude of scarcity causes us to overwork
  • How organizations become more productive when individuals consciously pursue their own satisfaction
  • How to overcome barriers that prevent work from being
  • What satisfaction means and how to achieve it

Beyond Organized Religion: An Ex-Monk Revisits Life's Basic Questions

by Frank Sanitate

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Santa Barbara Press - 2002

This book is a no-nonsense, rational look at religion, god and us.

Frank Sanitate bridges the gap between his former life as a monk and his present life as an entrepreneur, family man, seminar leader and advocate for the world's poor and hungry.

He says: "After 30 years I wanted to re-think the concepts of my Christian faith. The process took me on a long and fruitful journey, which I am still on. Popular spiritual books of the day are of no help to me. In this book I take a no-nonsense, rational look at religion, god and us. I try to avoid the pious language of old spiritual writing as well as the lyrical, metaphorical language of current spiritual writing. May my journey assist you in yours!"

"For those who are disillusioned with the current structure and hierarchy of religious institutions, yet have a deep yearning and faith in their hearts, this book will be a friend and a guide."

- Barbara Marx Hubbard, author, President of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution

"In this book, Frank Sanitate uses playful inquiry, his personal experience, and thoughtful analysis to inspire people to examine their own spiritual beliefs and theology. By guiding the reader through an exploration of many important ideas and questions, this book could help any thoughtful person become more spiritually mature and aware."

-Jonathan Robinson, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Awakening Your Spirituality and Life's Big Questions.